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Dewsoft Payroll
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Dewsoft Payroll is a windows based user-friendly system for the complete automation of Payroll and Income Tax Processing.

Dewsoft Payroll is a comprehensive, flexible and robust system that can take care of the most complex payroll and income tax needs. Whatever the size or type of your business, be it manufacturing, service or trading, Dewsoft Payroll can easily be configured to meet your requirements perfectly with the help of its built-in tools. Dewsoft Payroll allows you to calculate salaries based on any kind of complex salary structure, calculations and conditions. For e.g. you can have employees who are paid company, department or grade wise or employees who are paid at different time intervals such as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis and having different criteria’s, etc.

It is so flexible that it can be integrated with any other external systems like Tally, other ERP system, SWAP card system and other Biometric systems. Our Payroll package meets the rigorous standards demanded by the Industry, guaranteeing you fast, efficient and painless pay runs, even at Year End.

Dewsoft Payroll is an extremely interactive and flexible system that covers all your organizational and MIS needs as well as statutory obligations.
Dewsoft Payroll is a complete solution handling virtually any payroll requirement. This System is an exciting component in the Windows based Payroll Market.
Dewsoft Payroll is code independent dynamic software that enables user-defined fields, reports, and formulas.
Dewsoft Payroll has been written in the fourth generation language of VB.Net. Dewsoft Payroll is available with multiple option of backend like Oracle, Microsoft SQL.
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